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 The Need Of a ROCKSOC!

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PostSubject: The Need Of a ROCKSOC!   Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:27 pm

Back in 11th grade, my brother used to tell me
stories abt his institute's rock scene (NIT WARANGAL, he is 2 years
senior than me)..! I used to be fascinated..!! hearing about musical
events every fortnight! My brother was a guitar new-bie back then and
his guitaring skills were improving day by day (Courtesy:music club@NIT
As I set foot in DCE, one of the things I was
looking forward too was learning guitar! (Many ppl do envisage
themselves playing guitar, attracting chicks, looking cool).. But that
wasn't my motive! It would be my way to connect with music I thought!!
to my utter disappointment, no concept like "music club" existed.!! Of
course there was Madhurima:the music society!! But it was quite dormant
and it had rare musicians!! Mostly singers..!! the idea of a musical
event every fortnight seemed preposterous!
My guitar learning
aspirations recieved a major setback..! I had noone to help me..!! But
I was determined and I am now at a stage (due to my own efforts) that I
can boast a bit abt my conncetion with music...
to make sure that not a single enthusiastic fuccha is dissapointed the
way I was!! And never regrets setting foot in this college!!
Enough said..!!
Your comments..!!
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The Need Of a ROCKSOC!
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