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 Blink 182...

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PostSubject: Blink 182...   Thu Jul 24, 2008 2:44 am

Blink 182:

Blink 182 was formed in 1992 by
three guys ...yeah...3...Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge n Scott Raynor....these guys
realized that they had the same music taste n decided to form a band when they
were in high school on camp night in front of campfire...The first ever Demo
album that they recoded was flyswatter ...which was recorded in drummer Scott Raynor's
bedroom...after which a 2nd demo was also recorded known as Demo 2 or 2nd
demo....their first album was Buddha which was released in 1993 ...by filter
records...though this album was re-recorded in 1998 ...after Buddha ..they
signed up with cargo music n recorded Cheshire
Cat as their full-length debut album...after this...another album was made by
the name dude ranch...these first three album ..were pure punk ...with fast drumming
patterns and not too complicated guitar-ing....after these three albums...Scott
Raynor left the band ...to attend college as it was said by some sources. But a
majority says that he was thrown out because of his drinking problem...Mark n
Tom then asked ...drummer Travis barker to join blink 182 who played for a
support band of blink.....after Travis joined the band …they released 3 albums which
produced most of their hit numbers like ‘feeling this’,’ what’s my age again’,’
all the good things’,’ stay together for the kids’ and ‘I miss you’…

The band broke up in 2005 when DeLonge
left the band…he later on formed a band of his own named “angels and airwaves”h a touring guitarist n another frm a
band...frm the offspring n 30 seconds to mars... with members from “The
Offspring” and “30 Seconds To Mars”…Hoppus n barker too formed their own band
named “+44” with a touring guitarist n another from a band…

On Nov 1st
producer released a compilation of their greatest hits...

Blink covers pop/punk rock...thr
music style is generally humorous with deep meanings...

Mostly describing a typical teenage
life... (Crushes, break-up, cheating n stuff...)

The band had an appearance in the
movie American pie which also has 1 of their songs...the sequel American pie 2
also has 1 of their songs...

Long live Blink...

For n00bs to try out

Feeling this

Mutt (featured in American pie)

Everytime I look for you (opening
track of American pie 2)

What’s my age again?

All the good things

L-R..Tom DeLonge,Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus...

Look to the past..And remember and smile..And maybe tonight..I can breathe for awhile...I'm not in the scene..I think I'm fallin' asleep..But then all that it means is..I'll always be dreaming of you...
Blink 182
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Blink 182...
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